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R600T Reclaimer

R600T Reclaimer

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360 Yield Center
R600T Reclaimer
  • A three-tank unit offers a total capacity of 7,729 gal (29,257.4 L). A scalped tank, a middle tank and a clean tank combined with a three stage cleaning process help provide a solution that processes over 1,100 gpm (4,163.9 L/min), with true cleaning capacity suited for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects in the 600-gpm (2,271.2-L/min) range.
  • Contractors can configure the reclaimer with or without the generator set mounted onboard. The option without the generator set onboard includes electrical cables for efficient connections. Contractors have flexibility in both the configurations and the option to lease or own the generator set.
  • Redesigns of the linear motion shaker deck weldment and wedge retention component help reduce weight, increase the available G-force and extend the expected screen life.
  • Two 10-in (25.4-cm) desanders and 16 5-in (12.7-cm) desilters remove sand and coarse silts prior to the next stage in the cleaning process, resulting in dry solids.
  • The commonality of the pumps and motors can help reduce parts inventory, adding to the efficiency of the operation.
  • The engineered manifold provides an efficient flow of processed drilling fluid exiting the hydrocyclone, which helps reduce turbulence or excessive vacuum for efficient separation of sands and course silts.

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